One of the loveliest seasons is autumn. The trees and bushes are covered in beautiful colors, and the foliage of colorful leaves makes an impressive sight. If you want to bring the beautiful colors of autumn into your home, you can do so with a few small, budget-friendly solutions.


True, it’s already cold outside and we prefer to spend our time in warm places, but it’s worth to take long walks in the fresh air. It is good for our health and a walk in the forest gives us a great opportunity to collect leaves and crops. With a little creativity, we can create even more beautiful home decorations from colorful leaves, fallen cones, acorns, twigs, and berries. Whether it’s a door knocker, garland, table, wall or window decoration, they all create a wonderful atmosphere and fill our home with warmth.

Decorative pumpkins are one of the most used decorative accessories of autumn. It is available in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes and really adds color to our home. It can also be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, combine smaller and larger ones, and complement it with a scented candle, dry plants and leaves placed in a glass vase. You can boldly mix and match the decorative elements, thus we have already smuggled autumn into our apartment.


With a small investment, we can update our home furnishing accessories, such as pillows, throws, carpets, ornaments, and tablecloths. Feel free to use shades of terracotta, mustard, brown or green. Sometimes it is enough to change the cover on our old decorative pillows if we find the right color and size. Choose a soft, warm blanket that matches the color and throw it casually on the couch. Choose candles, lanterns, small woven coasters, vases, and decorative elements can be hung on the curtains as well. They all create a warm atmosphere in our home.

A few small things are often enough to make our apartment or house more colorful and pleasant. Autumn is one of the best times to use a little creativity to create more and more beautiful decorations with your own hands, even as an evening family program, and to fill our home and our heart with warmth.

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