First of all, it is much easier to maintain constant cleanliness and order, on the other hand, cleaning for 3-5 days once every six months is terribly exhausting. Not to mention that living in an uncleaned apartment for a long time is not very good for our health and soul either.
Many studies have compared the negative psychological impact of messy homes with tidy, clean and regularly cleaned homes. It is not surprising that according to research, happier, healthier, more satisfied people live in properties where there is constant cleanliness and order, compared to those who live in properties where disorder and dirt and chaos reign.

How could we be balanced in the mess? If we can not keep order around us, how can we have order in ourselves, how can we be satisfied with ourselves and our environment? The crowd around us and the abandoned tasks only make us stressed, tense and our concentration drops.

Order is the soul of everything

People say this for a reason! Tidying up, throwing away unnecessary things, and constant cleaning have many positive effects on our mental health. When our environment is in order, we have more energy, we feel better, we think more clearly and we are calmer, because we don’t always feel that “we should tidy up, because the dirt is eating us up“.

It is not a time-consuming task to pack our clothes and shoes in our wardrobe, and throw the used plates and glasses into the dishwasher every day. Taking out the vacuum cleaner, wiping, mopping and cleaning the bathroom at least once a week is also not too strenuous and does not take too much time. But this has a great effect on our well-being, it gives us a chance to relay and we even burn a few calories while cleaning. We feel much better in a fresh, fragrant, clean apartment, our sense of happiness is also greater and our cells do a dance of joy in an apartment without dust and dirt.

But if we are still so busy that cleaning doesn’t fit into our time at all, let’s use a regular cleaning service. Let’s make a little sacrifice for it, rather than living in mess and dirt for many months, which will affect our health and mental health.

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