With the summer getting closer and closer, heatwaves are also becoming more common. Therefore we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks that help to dampen the heat in our apartment, even if we don’t have air conditioning.

1. Roll up your rugs!

Remove every carpet that can be moved! Mopping the floor with cold water also helps a lot in cooling the apartment down.

2. Shade

Close every window, curtain and lower the blinds during the day! When choosing your summer curtain, it is the best to pick a densely woven, light colored curtain.

3. Turn off your electrical devices!

Always turn off and unplug every electronic device that is not in use, as they generate heat on their own, even when they are in stand-by mode. This is also a perfect saving trick, so not only can we reduce the indoor temperature, but we can also save on the electricity bill!

4. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate…

… but pay attention to when! Forget about daytime ventilation and try to use the early morning hours to cool your apartment! It is also worth doing a cross cover ventilateion, as the air moving crosswise perfectly replaces the warm, stagnant air with cooler, fresher air!

5. Plants

Houseplants are not only perfect decorative elements and they make our home more cozy, but they can also play an important role in thermoregulation in the great summer heat. Usually plants that need little water use the humidity of the environment, making the indoor heat more tolerable. If we put them on the windowsill they will even give us some shade.