The announcement of the higher education point limits is approaching so thousands of students will be targeting the Debrecen real estate market looking for accommodation. This is often not so simple, but let’s see what you should pay attention to when looking for an apartment.

We can save a lot of time, shorten the interval of searching and save ourselves a lot of headaches if we know what we want:

  • on which part of town do we want to live?
  • how much ccan we pay for our monthly rental fee?
  • do we want to live alone or move in with somebody?
  • room, apartment or house? One, two or three bedrooms?
  • furnished or unfurnished?


In Debrecen, you can find places for rent in almost every part of the city. There is no question that the most convenient is a property close to the University. However, it is good to know that the apartments located near the University get rented out very quickly, there is a high demand for them, and it should also be taken into account that these real estates are the most expensive ones. Thus, if we are thinking in terms of a low budget, we have to choose a little further away.

Excellent public transportation!

There is no need to panic if we have to use public transportation in Debrecen. If you cannot find accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the University, the best is to look for a property that is close to a bus, trolley or tram stop. Public transportation is good, we can reach the University in 20 minutes from any part of the city, and in the meantime, we can even clear our heads, not to mention that we can keep more money in our pockets.

You can find more information about the timetable and public transportation here:

With or without roommates?

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Of course, in most cases it is worth moving in with a roommate, because you can save money and you may even get a nicer, better apartment. Rental and other costs, utilities, or even cleaning tasks are halved or even tripled, and we will always have company around us. If we move in with somebody, we learn what adaptation is.

Once we have the selected apartment, the next important thing is the lease agreement. With it we can protect ourselves – and the Lessor can protect himself too – from any inconveniences. We clarify the duration of the lease, the deposit, the amount of the rent and the expected utility costs. Good advice for the tenants: try to use it as your own property and take care of the integrity and cleanliness of it as it was your own home. This also reassures the Lessor and builds trust, which in the long run is mandatory for both parties!

After the point limits are announced, the apartment hunting begins. The period for this falls right in the middle of summer, typically during the biggest heat wave and we can often find ourselves facing with the task of finding our future home during beach time. But it is definitely worth spending a lot of time on finding the best housing option.

The EASY Home team can help with this as well. Contact us with confidence.