In most premises, the living room is the center of the apartment, a place for social life and entertainment. Due to its function, it can play several roles:

  1. Office

Recently the “home-office” system, that means working from home, has become increasingly popular. Not all apartments have an office or study room that has a separate entrance, but a practical working corner can be created everywhere, even in the smallest properties. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • The most important equipment in a home office is the desk. Select the most appropriate size and shape, that would fit in your corner. If you don’t have a lot of space, choose a table that also has accounts.
  • Separate the living area and the work area with a screen, a bookcase set in space, or play with colors: make the office’s boundaries clear with a different color, or a custom wallpaper design.
  • Pay attention to the details: a curtain made out of a nice material, a soft rug, our favorite flower or a cork board can not only increase our feeling of comfort but also increase the feeling of order in the room.
  1. Guest room

With a little care, we can easily transform our living room into a perfect guest room. Of course, the main goal is to make our guests feel at home with us.

  • The most important thing is a wide, pull-out sofa that can comfortably accommodate two people. This practical solution not only enhances our guests, but also our own sense of comfort as well in our every day life.
  • Place a nice drawer in the living room and free 1-2 drawers for your guests to use. Not only will this little gesture be a relief to your guests, but you won’t have to deal with the constant mess either.
  • Don’t forget about the night light either! Such extra attention will surely come in handy for all your guests and not just those who are afraid of the dark!
  1. Play room

Creating a play area in the living room is a great solution for decorating but also makes the living room more homey. The best part is, that this way you can always keep your eyes on your children.

  • You can easily avoid the permanent mess by getting a couple of nice boxes into which you and your children can quickly throw their toys in, out of sight
  • Place board games, books, or other frequently used toys on shelves so they can function super as decorative items. It is important that they are at an accessible height so that even the smallest ones are able to reach them.
  • A cool decoration element in our living room can be a child’s Indian tent, which, in addition to showing well, can be a pleasant playground for our child.