I have rented out an apartment on my own, but my life has changed and I would like to move in with my friend. Can he move in with me? Do we need the permission of the owner?

Your question is general and lifelike. It’s the best to check out what the lease contract states for using the apartment. If you have rented out the apartment on your own and your friend wants to move into the rental property as a way of life, it is definitely worth asking the owner’s permission in order to avoid future misunderstandings.

I have been living in my apartment for 6 months and I got a dwarf rabbit for my birthday. Do I need the owner’s permission for keeping him in the apartment?

Be sure to check what your lease says about keeping pets in the dwelling. Even if keeping pets is excluded from the contract, it is worthy to contact the owner. If the landlord has good experience with you from the past half a year, he considers you a reliable tenant, it is not at all certain that he would refuse to allow the bunny to be kept. I recommend that you include a written amendment to the contract, including that you agree to compensate for any material damage caused by the bunny (beyond the amount of the deposit!) and under these conditions the owner agrees to keep the pet. It can also be written that you would not leave your pet alone, unattended and that while you are not at home the rabbit stays in a cage or in a terrarium. Good luck with the arrangement!

The washing machine in my tenant’s apartment is broken, whose cost is it to repair it?

If you have rented out the apartment mechanized, ie the rent also includes the use of the machines, you are responsible for the functionality of the washing machine. You may be exempted from paying the repair cost if it can be proven that the damage to the washing machine was caused by the tenant not using the technical item as intended. The service technician can comment on this issue.