Autumn is here. The days are getting colder and it is not rare to have only 0-5 celcius degrees during the nighttime either. The walls in our homes cool down quickly, we spend the evenings wrapped in warmth, we get the blankets, thick socks and sweaters out of our wardrobes and we are thinking about turning on our heating season more and more often. But the heating season can be a burden to our wallets. Especially in this current situation, it is normal to have a lot of questions, espeacially that, what will be the cost of utilities based on the new calculations.
We can try to reduce our expenses. For that, we recommend the below tricks:

Well-closing doors and windows and thermal insulation have key importance

We can save a lot of energy if our doors and windows are well insulated. The heat does not escape through the gaps and the wind does not blow our curtains either. To the best of our ability, let’s take care of replacing old doors and windows that don’t close well. Our investment will pay off. If all of this cannot be solved, then put window insulating tape or draft cushions in the windows. Adequate thermal insulation is equally important. We can use it both in winter and summer: it keeps our house warm during winter time and cool during summer time.

Ventilate briefly, turn down the thermostat

Let’s try to ventilate briefly and efficiently: 10 minutes is more than enough to bring fresh air into our home. This is not enough time for our apartment to cool down but it is enough for our health. Don’t forget to turn off the heating during ventilation and also when you are not at home. Why should the heating be on if we are not at home?

Energy-saving light bulbs are important

If we stick to using 60 watt bulbs, we will be surprised by our electricity bill. It is worth replacing the old bulbs with LED bulbs. They cost a little more, but they can be used for a longer time, their consumption dwarfs that of old bulbs, and you can even choose a color. It is very important to turn off the lights when we do not need them.

Dress in layers and warm, drink a hot tea

Now is not the time to relax in shorts in an apartment heated to 28 degrees. It will cost a lot. A good, warm leisure outfit with thick socks and a soft blanket greatly improves our comfort. Let’s make a delicious hot chocolate, tea or soup: it will warm you up and your feeling of heat will already be better.

We can save on water too

During a quick shower, we use a third of the water as if we were taking a bath. Not to mention how much water needs to be heated by electricity or a gas boiler. Try to organize the washing and wait for the clothes, it is not worth starting the washing machine with only a few items of clothing.
In order not to overburden our wallets, let’s try to save energy wherever we can. Small attentions and care mean much more than we think.

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