It is good to consciously prepare our apartment for getting out on the advertising market and competeing for the most suitable tenant. If the owner does not do so, it can happen that the time needed to find the right tenant significantly extends, or the property gets rented out below the expected price.

What is worth doing? 

Of course, there can be lots of differences between apartments in equipment, furnishings and mechanization, but it is worth noting that after a long-term lease (3-5 years) a painting can be expected before looking for a new tenant. If, however, the owner does not want to paint the whole apartment for financial reasons or the lack of time, it is certainly fortunate to paint at least those rooms that get dirty easier (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, hallways and corridors, possibly bedrooms).

After the previous tenant, it is advised to review the technical items and machines of the apartment and making sure that they are still functioning. A dripping tap, a refrigerator that does not close well or a not working microwave are not a good advertisements for the apartment.

The details matter: cheap tipps and useful tipps

  • We can’t talk enough about the importance of cleaning. Whether we are renting out an apartment after renovation or after a previous tenant has moved out, we should always make sure that the property undergoes a deep cleaning before making the visual material for the advertisement. Perhaps this needs the least explanation, since if the tenant has more flats to choose from, he will always choose a clean apartment over one that still retains the “traces” of the previous tenant on the kitchen counter
  • Look through the furnitures, nothing can be more depressing than a sunken sofa or a burnt-out, stained armchair in a freshly painted apartment.  Of course, it is understandable if not all tenants get completely new furniture, but an upholstery cleaner or a new bedspread can work wonders.
  • Look through the kitchen appliances! Have less but clean pots and pans. Fortunately, from the stainless cookware sets the burnt-in traces of unsuccessful cooking by former tenants can be removed quite reliably.
  • Think about the accessories! Well-chosen home accessories enhances the feeling of home, but they can also function as a youthful and vibrant design element. 
  • We can prepare for the photoshoot with decorations as well (for example a fruit basket or a bouqet of flowers)

In conclusion, the above tips are intended to make our rental property as homey as possible, and this message should appear in the material used for the advertisement as well. If we offer a clean, tidy, nicely furnished home to our future tenant, our apartment is much more likely to stand out from other properties and there will be a good chance that we will find a reliable tenant at the desired price level.