As an owner, it is hard to find the perfect tenant for your apartment to be rented. Most landlords would like to have a tenant who uses the apartment only for sleeping and doesn’t spoil it, in fact the best if he repairs it, pays exactly on time or even in advance, and has no relatives, especially guests or pets. Obviously, finding a super tenant with the above characteristics is not lifelike, but the good news is that finding a reliable, careful, and decent tenant is not impossible.

What to look for and what to ask from your possible future tenant?

What kind of a tenant the landlord chooses for his apartment is somewhat a subjective decision. Most of the time a mutual symphaty is required between the lessor and the lessee, in addition tot he tenant’s reliable financial background. The symphaty is important in order to have a well working relationship during the tenancy and for any problems to be resolved smoothly.

From the impressions gained during the first meeting, a lot can be concluded about the future tenant. We’ve gathered some questions that you, as owners, can safely ask your future tenants without seeming too pushy.

It’s good to find out whether the tenant is a student (if yes, what major and what year) or is working. In case of an employee, feel free to ask where they work and if you feel it is necessary you can request an employer certificate.  If your prospective tenants are moving out from an other rented apartment, it is recommended to ask about the reason for their change and even ask their previous landlord’s contact so you can ask them some question.

If a family intends on renting out the property, or for some other reason the owner insists on concluding a notarial contract, it is very fortunate to communicate this condition beforehand or at the latest when the property is first viewed by the other party. It should be clarified who pays the fee for the notarial deed before the contract is prepared (shared between the parties, the owner or the tenant).

If the owner wants to check on the condition of the apartment at least once a month, it is good to clarify it with the possible tenant candidate at the time of the show. The amount of the security deposit must also be clarified at the viewing, the latest.  The landlord can himself from unpleasant surprises by asking directly who the tenant would move in with, how many people plan to live in the apartment, and whether they want to report themselves into the property. It is also very important to talk through the rules for smoking and keeping pets.

The landlord should talk about how long he intends on renting out the apartment, what kind of contract he is thinking about (fixed, indefinite lease).