When browsing the real estate offers of Debrecen, we can often find the words “luxury” and “premium” in the description of a property.  How objective can the concept of luxurious in the case of properties be? What can a premium apartment mean to people? Very few are given the opportunity to live in a luxurious home, yet everyone has some idea of ​​what a luxury property can mean

Luxury: the objective characteristics of a relative concept

Although the concept of premium real estate is relative, there are some characteristics that such a house or apartment must meet.

  • The location of the property – What do we mean when we say that the location of a luxury property is also premium? It fits into an environment that already sets it apart from other properties. For example, it has an eternal panorama of some natural value or building, and its infrastructural facilities are also excellent. With regard to Debrecen, the possibilities of the location already reduce the mass presence of premium category properties.
  • When it comes to the construction of the property, the use of truly premium materials and the most modern and up-to-date technologies are a must. The design work itself guarantees the uniqueness of a premium category property, with the design solutions that are meant to elevate the everyday life of the residents to a luxurious level.
  • Unique and original style – Although nowadays custom-designed furnitures are available at an affordable price to a wide range of people , the premium category is on a higher level. Every corner of the interior of such properties is made by designers and their work gives the interior a charm that provides a luxurious experience.
  • Smart home –  In the 21st century we can state that, if a property is in the premium category, it must also meet the requirements of a smart home and it must feature the most modern high-end solutions. In smart homes, certain functions can be controlled from a mobile device, a computer, even remotely. In a premium category real estate, this should cover a very wide range of functions of the operation of the house.
  • Environmental awareness – If it is truly a premium category property, there are some additional requirements for makeing room for environmentally conscious, green solutions. It is great to use renewable energy technologies in order to reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Safety – Luxury properties have a technology that guarantees adequate security for those living there.