There are a few tricks that can help the summer heat more bearable for us. However, it is best and easiest if we have an air conditioner that we can just turn on. But there are both written and unwritten rules for using an air conditioner, which we better follow.

  1. Installation

Most importantly, the air conditioner should only be installed by a registered company. If the device is installed by an unsuitable professional, we may even get a fine and our climate guarantee may be lost.

  1. The right temperature

In the summer heat, a cool apartment can feel very pleasant. However, if we use our air conditioner at a too low temperature, we may catch a cold, have an upper respiratory illness, or even develop arthritis. It is the best if we keep the indoors temperature only 7-8 degrees Celsius cooler than the outside temperature.

  1. The device

When choosing your device, you need to consider the features of your home. For example, the size of the windows, whether there is an attic in our apartment, the orientation and the size of the property. It is also worth paying attention to the energy efficiency of the appliance, it is recommended not to buy an air conditioner under category A +.

  1. Regular maintenance

A yearly cleaning is sufficient to most air conditioners, however, there are companies who require a maintenancce twice a year and the warranty on the appliance is only valid if it really is cleaned twice a year. Regular maintenance is also important because pathogens and bacteria can quickly spread inside a dirty device which can cause a lot of disease.