What should a good lease contract look like, how detailed should it be and what to pay attention to when writing it? We can choose from a number of lease templates from the web.However, it is good to know, that a well-written contract will be the basis for a properly functioning lease period that protects both parties equally.

What are the elements that should be included in the contract for sure?

  • Contracting parties: It should be emphasized that the parties must appear in an identifiable way in the written lease. Both the Tenant(s) and the Landlord(s) need the following personal data: name, birth name, place and time of birth, mother’s name, address. In addition to these minimum required data, it is worth including the ID number or the serial number of another document that is suitable for personal identification (e.g. passport). It is also a useful  advice to check the documents beforehand and we should show our own ID cards as well. 
  • Rental property: It is necessary to include the exact address of the real estate to be leased in the contract, and it is recommended to include the topographical number recorded in the land registry as well.
  • The duration of the contract: The length of the lease must be included as well. If the lease is for an indefinite time, then that should be included. In the latter case, the period of notice must also be stated in the contract.
  • The exact amount of the rent fee: The exact amount of the rent and the currency must be entered in the lease as well. It is also advised to clarify the payment deadlines.


Formal elements

The lease must be in writing, and the following information must appear: the date and place of signing, the signatures of the parties and signatures of 2 witnesses.


The mandatory content elements that must be included in the contract mean very minimal requirements regarding the rules of the lease. The more detailed the relationship between the Landlord and the Tenant in the contract is, the better. That’s why it’s worth contacting a professional (real estate manager, real estate agent) who has decades of experience and is able to provide more mature, legal solutions than the templates that can be downloaded from the Internet.

A detailed lease based on professional experience can prevent many problems and arguments, so it is definitely worth seeking the right professional help before we start writing our own lease.